Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Any suggestions?

Look who has a friend! Georgia is so funny, she thinks she is a dog! She runs around with the dogs, follows me down to get the mail like the dogs and even sleeps with the dogs! She couldn't be any sweeter and loves to be held and loved on. As soon as you start petting her, her motor gets to running. We have a corner in our garage for the dogs to sleep in during the night and this is what I found this morning.

On another note, I am beginning to look for some good parenting books. I will be getting a copy of Babywise, but wanted to see if anyone else had any good recommendations...I would love to know what you enjoyed and what worked for you!


Kimberly said...

Aww...sweet furry babies!

One of my favorite parenting books that I wish I would have read before I had kids is John Rosemond's Parenting by the Book. He talks about how parenting shifted in the 60s towards child centered psychology and how it lead to the epidemic of selfish kids (and parents) we have today. In it, he points back to parenting "Grandma" style reminding us that sometimes "old-fashioned" is better. I really, really enjoy the book and need to read it again so I can remember all his great points.

P.S. 'by the book' is referring to the Bible. He backs up his claims with relevent Scripture.

Rae said...

Such a cute picture! I was thinking of you last night at my PTO meeting. There was a woman there who could have been your twin! I couldn't stop staring at her...I know, how rude, huh?! I kept wanting to call her Sarah!!!

Kim @ My Journey said...

I love animals and this story of Georgia is just precious to me. I can't believe you got your camera in time before they both got up! :)

Shannon said...

That is hilarious. What a sweet picture.

Aamie said...

I read Babywise, but one of my friends is reading "Twleve Hours in Twelve Weeks" and really likes it. It's worth a try! For when she gets to be about at least one or two, Kevin Leman's "Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours". Either way, you'll be a great mom! Glad you had such a great weekend with Christy and Jessica! Loved the pictures!

Kristen said...

Oh how darling! I love it when our dog and cat snuggle up together!

Nikki said...

They are so cute!

I read babywise and had great success with it.

Sit A Spell said...

Just wanted to say "Hi"...our cat used to snuggle with our dog all the time. Congrats to you as well! Books...go to and see what you can find. :) Also, I noticed you like Watermark...I love them! God

Sandy Toes said...

I loved Babywise!!!!!!

One book I loved was Shepherding A Child's Heart!
-sandy toes

Carolina Mama said...

Well, you're getting a great list. I am just dittoing because the books I want to mention are here. :)
Love anything John Rosemond. He's a Carolina guy! :) But it's all good.

And we are huge "Sheperding A Child's Heart" fans. Also, a recent fav is "Sacred Parenting." "Sacred Marriage." The marriage is hand-in-hand with the parenting.

Y'all will be awesome parents!

CatHerder said...

I loved the 10 principals of spiritual need to be any specific religion for this one.
ps...great blog

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Know that I'm so OVER joyed...with what God is doing in your life!!

I'm praying earnestly...for you and your precious you await your most precious bundle of JOY.

God ALWAYS...brings beauty..from our ashes!!!

In him,

Lelia Chealey said...

I love Stormie O'Martien's Power of a Praying Parent book. Of course, with a Prodigal daughter right now and a 7 yr old who somehow picks up on bad words...not sure if you want my advice. ;)

Also, Georgia is a cute name, but Kiddiot was hilarious! Just don't let your husband name your baby! ;)

Kate said...

Tho' my little girl is not even 2, I got a lot out of "Shepherding a Child's Heart" too. A great one for perspective once you've read too many of the first-year books! :) I liked Baby 411 for the nitty-gritty and my husband got a kick out of his Baby Owner's Manual.
Blessings to you and the wee lassie! :)