Thursday, April 30, 2009


Nobody likes change. Especially me. You get accustomed to the way you have been living and then all of a sudden you realize that a change has to happen.

Moving...does anyone enjoy it? I sure don't. I like things to stay the same. I like people and places to stay where they are. I like the sounds and smells of my home. I know where things are.

To our family and friends, I'm so sorry we didn't tell you this before now. We just weren't anticipating it happening so soon. We didn't realize a decision like this would affect so many people.

We decided this morning that we have to move.

This little girl...

from her bassinet to this...(sniff, sniff)

We are hoping she likes her new digs. She's been visiting for her naps during the day and she seems to like the change of scenery.

Honestly, it feels like this is the first of many milestones she will reach as she grows up. Being a preemie, we were given the added bonus of needing to keep her in our room for few extra weeks, but as I think about putting her down tonight, (in there all by herself, without me to reach out to comfort her...sniff...sniff), I am envisioning sending her off to kindergarten, then graduating from high school, then getting married. Oh my.

Anna Claire, this is your mother. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GROW UP! I repeat, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GROW UP!

Monday, April 27, 2009


For Today
Outside my window: The sun is shining and it is already in the 60's!
I am thinking: about my husband...he just left for work.
I am thankful for: Sunday--we went to church, then to fellowship group and then came home and spent the day together as a family.
From the kitchen: made a good casserole from the current issue of Southern Living. We are still eating off it.
I am wearing: still in my's only 6:30am.
I am reading: Still reading "The Passion of Mary Margaret" by Lisa Samson, although I have been going back to "BabyWise" and "What to Expect the First Year" a lot this week.
I am hoping: That the bug bites I got from the softball tournament this weekend stop itching!
I am creating: a grocery list.
I am hearing: The morning news and a mocking bird outside on our deck.
Around the house: Need to clean/dust the floors. Love hardwood floors but can't stand the dust that accumulates! Any suggestions????
One of my favorite things: Seeing Anna Claire in her summer outfits. The crawler outfits from Carter's are too cute!
A few plans for the rest of the week: Softball games through Wednesday, lunch with some friends from the church we used to go to, and then my parents and grandmother are coming into town this weekend! Anna Claire will get to meet her great-grandmother and My dad hasn't seen Anna Claire since she was in the NICU! I can't wait to see him love on her!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Weekend

We are off to a softball tournament this afternoon and I'm finding it is UNBELIEVABLE how much you have to pack for a 10-week old!!! I'm loving every minute of it!

The weather is going to be wonderful here the next few days so we'll be spending a lot of time outside enjoying the sunshine and hopefully getting a little bit of tan.

Here are some pictures from the past week of our sweet girl!

She is a little too small for the carrier we have, but she loved being outside and looking around. Abby finally realized why she isn't getting nearly as much attention as she used.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My husband is up to something....or not

$29.99 charge to "Lavalife"
$15 charge to Netflix
$253.00 charge to QVC (yes...the shopping channel)

Here is the problem with these charges:

Lavalife is a dating service.

We already have a Netflix account.

My husband doesn't watch QVC (unless he has a secret obsession with Diamonique that I don't know about).

Yep, we're victims of identity theft.

Mike called Lavalife last night to explain the situation. When the operator answered he said, "I first want to make sure that you know that I'm not some creep that is cheating on my wife."

Thanks sweetie.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday morning

Carrie at Buzzings of a Queen Bee had this on her blog last week. I thought it would be a great way to start the week!

For Today
Outside my window: It's cloudy and rainy, but the birds are still singing!

I am thankful for: my cup of coffee--I didn't drink it while I was pregnant so I love having it back in my daily routine.

From the kitchen: Probably leftovers tonight. We had family and friends over this weekend and the fridge is stocked!

I am wearing: Still in my jammies. But getting ready to get on the treadmill before Anna Claire wakes up.

I am reading: "The Passion of Mary Margaret" by Lisa Samson. Loving it so far!

I am hoping: That Anna Claire starts to smile this week! Oh, and also, that the weather man is right for the forecast this week, cloudy today but sunny and getting warmer by the weekend.

I am creating: not me personally, but will be mailing off Anna Claire's birth announcements today!

I am hearing: The washing machine on the rinse cycle.

Around the house: Anna Claire is sleeping and the wash is being done. I need to go around and open the blinds, even when it is cloudy I like to have the "outside in."

One of my favorite things: The sugar-free vanilla creamer that is in my coffee. Can you tell I'm glad to be able to be drinking it again?

A few plans for the rest of the week: Softball games tonight, tomorrow and Thursday (it's amazing how 15-17 year old girls can pitch a fastball!). Hopefully time with my friend, Addie, sometime this week and a softball tournament this weekend.

What are you reading...hoping for...planning for?

Update on Anna Claire--she continues to do wonderfully! Went to the doctor last week and she has gained 3 pounds since she was born and grown 3 inches! She is up to 7lbs. 8 oz. and measures 20 inches!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Yesterday was Anna Claire's first time at church and what a wonderful day to celebrate! I told everyone at church it felt like she was a debutante and it was her "coming out" party! Everyone loved her (of course!). We were so excited to be able to go to church as a family today after so many weeks of one of us not being there. She did wonderfully and it was great to see everyone again! Our church family has been nothing but amazing and generous towards us the past 8 weeks. They have faithfully prayed for us and for Anna Claire and have also provided many meals! Thank you to our Calvary Bible Church family! We are glad to be back!

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! Anna Claire goes for her 2 month visit on Tuesday...we'll see if she is over 6 pounds yet!

By the way...yes, that is red hair that you see on her head!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

She's Gonna Be A Smart One!

After reading about baby stimulation, I have been on the lookout for infant development toys, like these, for a few weeks, but the only place I can find them is online (

I don't really want to spend $40 for baby toys so in the meantime, my mom found this website ( where you can download black and white images for free.

Can I just tell you how much Anna Claire likes to look at these?

They capture her attention immediately. We have 16 images in all and we rotate through them. Researchers have found that newborns respond best to contrasting colors and that visual stimulation produces developmental advantages including enhanced curiosity, attentiveness and concentration.

Mike has always said she was going to be advanced.
She'll be guest posting for me tomorrow on "What It's Like To Be an 8-Week Old Genius."