Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What is it about sparkles and glitter?

I find it so amazing that even at the young age of 2, Anna Claire was drawn to pretty, sparkly things. Things that had glitter on them, pretty dresses that flare out when you spin around, shoes that looked like glass slippers, wands and crowns that were covered with jewels.

It's no secret that she loves all things princess--not only dress up stuff that we have here at the house, but Disney princesses too. The funny thing is, is that she has no point of reference for the Disney princesses, She has seen Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella as far as movies go but other than a couple of toys that have their pictures on them, she doesn't really know the stories, only that they are "pretty princesses."

That is all about to change! I had heard of Disney on Ice and other various shows that Disney puts on, but yesterday I found out that Disney Live is coming to Nashville on March 4th.

I am so excited to take Anna Claire to see and hear three of the most loved Disney fairy tales--Cinderella, Belle and Snow White. There will be singing, dancing, beautiful costumes and Mickey and Minnie will be there too!

If you live in or around Nashville, head to to order tickets. In the words of Anna Claire, "this is going to be so much fun!"

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does it get any cuter?

My sister (aka "Sissy" to the girls) recently took up crocheting, and as a gift to the girls, she made these beautiful hats! I couldn't help putting them in matching outfits and snapping some pictures. 

Oh my, they are too cute!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The party is over...

Well the birthday party is over, but I think if you were to ask Anna Claire, she would continue to say that today is her birthday. In fact, this is a conversation I had with her 2 days after her birthday...
Me: It's time to pick up your toys.
Anna Claire: I don't want to.
Me: I know you don't want to but we have to take care of our things and putting them away helps to take care of them.
Anna Claire: I don't want to.
Me: Why?
Anna Claire: Because it's my birthday.

Only my girl would come back with that sort of reasoning.

We had a wonderful time celebrating her, on her actual birthday. She woke up to sprinkled donuts and a kitchen! I got her on video coming out of her room seeing it for the first time. I don't know what she liked more, that it was pink, or that there were plates and bowls that she could pretend with.

Instead of a cake, I made her lofthouse style cookies, with pink icing and sprinkles of course. She got to talk to all of the people she loves the most throughout the day, and even got a special phone call from my niece all the way from Australia.

That night we took her to "Chicken" Fil-A for her favorite dinner of nuggets, fries and chocolate milk. Our good friends, Brad and Nicole joined us, along with their daughter, Abigail, to celebrate. Anna Claire made sure that everyone at the restaurant knew it was her birthday. It was hard not to hear her shouting "it's my birthday, yay!!"

After dinner, we headed over to Monkey Joe's; an indoor inflatable playground. She and Abigail had the best time and it gave the adults the chance to just sit back and relax knowing the girls were having a good time.

Evidently, over the course of the evening, a conversation took place between the girls about what Anna Claire's present was from Abigail. When we told Anna Claire that it was time to go and we were going to go home and open presents she replied, "well, Abigail told me it might have something to do with play dough." Seriously...did she just turn 3 or 13?

In fact, yesterday, she had her 3 year check up. When our doctor asked her how old she was she looked at him matter of factly, with her fingers held up and a tilt of her head said, "I'm three."  His response to me was, "make sure you are treating her like a 3 year old and not an 8 year old. She seems to be precocious." 

Ya think?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Anna Claire!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I can't believe that you are 3 already. Last night as I tucked you into bed, my mind raced back to when you were born; sitting in the NICU, watching every move you made, praying that you would gain weight and begin breathing without the help of the oxygen. My how things have changed!

You are a beautiful, smart and funny little girl. There is not a day that goes by that your Daddy and I don't laugh about things that you have said or done. You are creative and imaginative. Every day you ask me, "can I play princess?" You then proceed to pick out the dress Didi made you for Christmas and proclaim proudly, "this is my wedding dress." And you love to "get married" to Daddy when he comes home from work.

One of your favorite things to do is pretend you are cooking (and you love to watch Giada and Ina after your afternoon nap :)) I listen to you as you pretend you are "cooking onions", putting things in the oven to "get nice and brown" and just the other day you said that you were cooking with feta cheese! So funny!

You love your sister and boy oh boy, does she love you. You make her laugh and smile. She loves to watch you dance and whenever you are in the same room, she is watching every move you make.

You have a soft heart for those you love; always wanting to include those that are sick in your bedtime prayers. You are quick to remind us of those we have mentioned that don't feel well. You pray for Yaya (Jessica) in Australia too.

There are tough days of course, when your strong-willed little heart and mind get the best of you, and me too, but thankfully, those days are few and far between. You are learning what it means to be obedient, not only to honor us, your parents, but the Lord as well.

This coming year, we are embarking on new and wonderful things--memorizing Scripture, learning more responsibility with a job chart and of course continuing to learn how to love well.

We absolutely couldn't love you any more sweet girl! Happy 3rd Birthday!