Monday, March 21, 2011

Counting #46-60

It has been an incredibly busy and beautiful week--spring break, a welcomed visit from my parents and gorgeous spring weather that has allowed us to be outside every day. So much to be thankful for, so much to take it, so much to NOT take for granted.

46. McKay's Used Book Store
47. the weatherman saying it's going to be in the 70's all week
48. hope in the midst of suffering
49. stories of family members finding each other after the earthquake and tsunami
50. a new swing set for Anna Claire

51. tutus
52. the cherry tree we planted in memory of our twin daughters--it has the most beautiful pink blooms!
53. NO sciatic nerve pain this past week!
54. Springy Shells recipe from Tasty Kitchen
55. clean sheets

56. Puffs plus tissues
57. Easter baskets at the store
58. Anna Claire's friend, Abigail, turning 2 this week.
59. MLB network--this isn't just for my hubby--it's one sport we both enjoy watching.
60. Hearing Anna Claire sing "Jesus Loves Me"

61. talking about babies with good friends
62. handmade quilts
63. blooming Bradford pear trees
64. the opportunity to bless a new family with a gift
65. my husband and the goals he sets for our family, both short and long term

Monday, March 14, 2011

Counting #21-45

21. coffee out of a 50 cent white stoneware mug found at Goodwill
22. a little girl thinking her Daddy can fix anything, even a shattered mirror
23. a trustworthy pediatrician who we can talk theology and education with
24. that same pediatrician saying, "it's nothing to worry about, I'm not concerned"
25. seeing someone I love walk in obedience and rejoicing with her when she experiences joy because of it

26. baby girl clothes
27. the Hokey Pokey
28. a forgiving husband who wipes away my tears
29. Grandparents coming for a visit
30. gray cardigans

31. a drawer full of polished silverware.
32. being able to stay at home with my children
33. finding a double stroller at a great price
34. friends who are in the same stage of parenting as we are
35. someone tellling me, "it's going to be an adventure" when I say we have a 2 year old and one on the way

36. Pizza night, courtesy of my parents
37. sunglasses on and the windows rolled down on the car
38. a picnic at the park for Anna Claire with Papa and Didi
39. lessons in forgiveness and letting things go
40. handmade quilts

Plain Wisdom by Cindy Woodsmall and Miriam Flaud

I was interested in Plain Wisdom because the simple life of the Amish is interesting to me--the day to day happenings, work, raising families, etc. This book definitely gave me an insight into that, but I found the actually writing and message behind the book to be somewhat dry and uninteresting.

The two authors have a valued friendship that reaches across their different lifestyles--in fact, the relationship began when Cindy Woodsmall was doing research for one of her many novels (with Amish connections). Both authors give a very simplistic view of their world, lessons learned, tragedies, celebrations, with a few recipes thrown in. The fact that these two women have collaborated on a book is interesting and their bond as sisters in Christ is heartwarming.

I had never read anything by Cindy Woodsmall (and in fact this is her first, that I know of, fiction piece) so was unfamiliar with her writing style; so that might be why I didn't love this book. If you are a fan of hers, then I would think you might like it a bit better. Overall, it was a okay, and a very easy read.

This book was provided to me by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing for review

Monday, March 7, 2011

1000 Gifts

After being challenged, encouraged and gently nudged, I've started reading and counting.

Counting the gifts I don't normally see. Counting the moments that can take my breath away if I'm not careful. I was in tune to some of those moments before; I think it comes when you have lost, loved and the Lord has redeemed areas in your life.

But the day to day? The washing machine making a funny noise and you still have 3 more loads to do. The can opener that won't work and you need to open some black beans. And the 2 year old....who is not by nature a snuggler but then all of a sudden you feel her arms around your legs while you are trying to fix dinner. I have to sit down for those. Dinner can wait.

"Life is not an emergency," so says Ann Voskamp. Wow, did I need to hear that (despite the fact that my husband has been telling me that for 4 years in so many words).

Breathe. Deeply. Calm. Look. Listen...and feel. The counting has begun.

1. the quietness of the house in the afternoon
2. extra lasagna noodles in the cabinet to improvise with when the manicotti shells got broken
3. softball season
4. consignment sales
5. approaching storms

6. the almost constant kicking of the baby girl in my belly
7. "If You Give A Pig a Party." Read by Mike on a late night to Anna Claire
8. Mike getting out his tools to fix a Dollar Store necklace for Anna Claire
9. the smell of fresh paint in the baby's room
10.Christy Knockels' Life Light Up CD

11. time in the car alone
12. the scribbles I found on the cover of one of my journals
13. a husband who likes to spend his extra money on woodworking tools
14. resting in His protection rather than my fear
15. learning that thanksgiving always precedes the miracle

16. strawberries
17. income tax returns
18. His sweet voice on Sunday morning telling me to slow down
19. making it to 24 weeks in this pregnancy with no complications
20. late night and early morning conversations about sin and grace