Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pictures and an update

Here are some snapshots from the past couple of weeks...

Daddy and Anna Claire taking a nap

Anna Claire's Granny made this dress. There is a hat that goes with it, but I couldn't get her to keep it on long enough to take the picture.

Sitting in her Bumbo for the first time!

Anna Claire and her cousin Sam while we were in Ohio. A certain little girl really took to her older cousins and couldn't get enough of them.

She found her hands!

We went for Anna Claire's 4 month check-up last week and she weighs in a whopping 11lbs. 3 oz. and measures almost 23 inches long! The doctor turned to me and said, "She's finally on the charts!" Even though she is in the 6th percentile, she is gaining on the charts and making a straight upward climb instead of the gradual curve. The doctor was so proud of her and so are we! She is finally fitting into her 3 month clothes; the length is perfect but her little body doesn't fill them out just yet.

Mike is working on a project that I can't wait to show you! He got a router and hasn't been able to stop talking about it (or using it!) for the past few weeks. I told him he is going to turn into Norm Abram from This Old House!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Past Week

It's been a while. The past couple of weeks has been busy with family visiting and then going to Ohio for my niece's graduation.

A couple of weeks ago, Granny and Grandpa (Mike's parents) came for a visit. Granny made Anna Claire a sweet pink dress with bloomers and a hat to match. I have tried to get a picture of her in several times now but just haven't been able to get one that is a good shot (and one where she isn't fussy). We'll try again today and hopefully I'll have a picture to share tomorrow.

This past week and weekend we traveled to Ohio for Jessica's graduation. Anna Claire's cousins (Aunt Christy and Uncle Steve too!) couldn't get enough of her. I didn't get any pictures on our camera so I "stole" some of these pictures from my sister's blog.

On Sunday afternoon, we had a graduation party for Jessica. We all had a great time. Mike manned the grill and I was the designated picture taker. Friends and family were there to love on Anna Claire. She certainly didn't mind being passed around the entire day.

We are catching up this week and enjoying the start to summer. Today is Anna Claire's 4 month birthday! I know 4 MONTHS!!!!! We go tomorrow for her well visit and I'm anxious to see how she is doing on the growth charts--hopefully she will finally be in the positive!
Hopefully I'll have more pictures to share tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Been Busy...

We've been very busy the past week. Mike's parents, Granny and Grandpa, came down this past weekend and we are headed to Ohio tomorrow to see my family.

I will catch you up on everything when we return next week!