Monday, May 17, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

We have spent A LOT of time inside the past few weeks. A LOT! With the flooding that occurred in Middle TN, a bad cold that knocked us out for a good week and then another round of rain this past weekend, we are anxiously waiting for the blue sky to make an appearance.

No, this isn't the phone she dropped in the toilet a couple of weeks ago. This is an old phone that we let her play with; however, she gets frustrated when it doesn't light up Mama's does when she pushes the buttons.

Reading her books is her new favorite thing. When she has her play time in the morning, she always ends up in her bedroom, in her rocking chair with either "Lovey" or Nellie (her doll) and a book.

In between the raindrops we had to get our garden planted. I thought for sure we wouldn't be harvesting tomatoes until November if we didn't get it done soon.

2 weeks later...oh's a bean sprout!

And corn....we're going to have loads of it! Still waiting on the peppers, tomatoes, lima beans, watermelon, squash and cucumbers to make an appearance.

This weekend, again, while dodging the rain drops I had the amazing opportunity to see Angie Smith. She had a book signing ( I Will Carry You) nearby and I knew I couldn't miss the chance to see her. I took part in a Bible study she led and have seen her on several other occasions. The way we met is a bit unconventional when it comes to friendships; we know each other because my girls, Allison Elizabeth and Emily Ann are buried a couple rows over from her sweet Audrey. She is the real deal. The person, the heart, the passion...what you read on her blog is who she is is.

This picture was taken after Anna Claire decided to walk behind the counter of the store and pretend she was a sales clerk and before she picked up a Bible in the Spanish section of the store. I had to remind her that she isn't old enough to work yet and that she doesn't speak Spanish. :)


Smelling Coffee said...

What a great picture of you and Angie and Anna Claire... and of your garden! AC is getting SO big... What a doll!!!

Amy said...

I look at the pictures of Anna Claire and think of a silly/strange question a friend of mine used to ask Elijah sometimes: "why are you SO cute?!" :)