Thursday, January 26, 2012

The next Disney princess

We have slowly been recuperating from Christmas; I know, we are a month out. We managed to pass around a cold, to the entire family, had Jessica come back to visit for a few days before heading off to Australia, got glasses for Anna Claire and made a trip to Atlanta for a long weekend with family.
In the midst of the busyness, while Jessica was here, we stole away a night to see Beauty and The Beast. It was Anna Claire's (and Molly too) first movie in the theater. Mike got her a bag of popcorn and we settled in to watch the movie. I'm not exaggerating when I say that her eyes were glued to the screen and her hand was in the popcorn bag--the entire show!

Anna Claire got glasses at the beginning of the month after being diagnosed with Esotropia--something that she will hopefully grow out of in the next several years. For right now she is wearing glasses to strengthen the muscles in her eyes. She doesn't mind wearing them and loves that they are pink and match her princess dresses.

It's been nice getting back into the routine of life after such a busy season and we are all looking forward to what 2012 holds!


Lauren Lekic said...

Oh, I love the glasses! Tell her I can't wait to see them at church on Sunday. :)

Frankie said...

Please tell her that Granny and Grandpa love her new glasses. Will you send me a picture of her in her new boots? She is growing so fast, she'll be out of them in no time.