Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The party is over...

Well the birthday party is over, but I think if you were to ask Anna Claire, she would continue to say that today is her birthday. In fact, this is a conversation I had with her 2 days after her birthday...
Me: It's time to pick up your toys.
Anna Claire: I don't want to.
Me: I know you don't want to but we have to take care of our things and putting them away helps to take care of them.
Anna Claire: I don't want to.
Me: Why?
Anna Claire: Because it's my birthday.

Only my girl would come back with that sort of reasoning.

We had a wonderful time celebrating her, on her actual birthday. She woke up to sprinkled donuts and a kitchen! I got her on video coming out of her room seeing it for the first time. I don't know what she liked more, that it was pink, or that there were plates and bowls that she could pretend with.

Instead of a cake, I made her lofthouse style cookies, with pink icing and sprinkles of course. She got to talk to all of the people she loves the most throughout the day, and even got a special phone call from my niece all the way from Australia.

That night we took her to "Chicken" Fil-A for her favorite dinner of nuggets, fries and chocolate milk. Our good friends, Brad and Nicole joined us, along with their daughter, Abigail, to celebrate. Anna Claire made sure that everyone at the restaurant knew it was her birthday. It was hard not to hear her shouting "it's my birthday, yay!!"

After dinner, we headed over to Monkey Joe's; an indoor inflatable playground. She and Abigail had the best time and it gave the adults the chance to just sit back and relax knowing the girls were having a good time.

Evidently, over the course of the evening, a conversation took place between the girls about what Anna Claire's present was from Abigail. When we told Anna Claire that it was time to go and we were going to go home and open presents she replied, "well, Abigail told me it might have something to do with play dough." Seriously...did she just turn 3 or 13?

In fact, yesterday, she had her 3 year check up. When our doctor asked her how old she was she looked at him matter of factly, with her fingers held up and a tilt of her head said, "I'm three."  His response to me was, "make sure you are treating her like a 3 year old and not an 8 year old. She seems to be precocious." 

Ya think?


Kristen said...

How time flies! I remember the first post of yours I read on your blog... How God heals... How God blesses!

I love reading about your kiddos! Makes me smile! Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest gifts God has ever given!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

It's hard to believe she's already 3. Where does the time go.

How blessed to read your words...and see how God has truly blessed you.....with a beautiful bless and honor on her 3rd birthday!

p.s. I LOVE her kitchen!! Too cute..... did your husband make it?

Jessica Pelt said...

love that she told the whole restaurant it was her birthday... well done Anna Claire, well done. xoxo