Monday, March 19, 2012

Girls Weekend

For some reason, I felt a surge of courage and loaded up the car with the girls and drove 8 hours to visit my sister and her family in Alabama...8 hours away. You want to know the thing I am most thankful for---besides arriving there safely and having a wonderful time? The portable DVD player I bought before we left.

The weather was absolutely perfect and spent the majority of our visit outside enjoying the sun. We went to Fairhope one day and had lunch at Panini Pete's. So. Good. 

 We spent some time on the back porch sitting under the oak trees.

Anna Claire loved being around her cousins. Sam was gracious enough to play baseball with her (using her princess bat of course!).

Sissy got lots of lovins' from her girls...

We had a wonderful time! Thank you Sissy, Uncle Steve, Sam and Ben--we love you!

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