Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Old Wives Tales....

We had another doctor's appointment today. I am so thankful for my doctor. She has gone above and beyond to make sure we are taken care of, has put our minds at ease and has offered for me to come in and listen to the heartbeat whenever I want.

For today, there are no new pictures to show, but we did hear the heartbeat again. The old wives tale is that a fast heartbeat means it's a girl, slower, a boy.

It was very strong and as soon as our doctor read our numbers, she said, "it's 156, It's gonna be another girl."

Mike was ecstatic and raised his hands like Auburn had just scored a touchdown.

We go for our 20 week ultrasound on Election Day!

What's your vote...boy or girl?

Did the old wives tale turn out to be true for you?


Becky said...

My sister has 4 children and I guessed right on the gender 3 out of 4 times (and the heart rates on her kiddos were all over the place, regardless of the gender -- she has 2 boys and 2 girls). I think a 75% success rate is pretty good? I also have a knack for correctly guessing the gender of friends' babies, too. If it means anything, I have a tiny feeling you're having a boy. Then again, I only carry a 75% success rate. :)
In any case, I'm so excited for you! And thankful you have such a kind doctor. That's a real God-send!

Christy said...

Jessica' s was faster than the boys. I say you have a 50/50 chance. Tell Mike that.

I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it!!!!!

We love you all!

Frankie said...

Hi Sarah. My name is Frankie. I was supposed to be Frank. Way back when the only thing doctos relied on was the heartbeat, so my mom was assured I was going to be a boy. Surprise, surprise...nee, a girl. Don't rely much on the accuracy of heartbeat. We just want a healthy baby.

Shannon said...

My vote is for a girl!

Anonymous said...

its a girl.... im convinced.

The Arnold family said...

Just HEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love from the Arnolds

Christy said...

I have a surprise for you today on my blog:)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Ha! My daughter's heartbeat was in the 150s and 160s and it turned out to (obviously) be a girl. My current pregnancy is running about the same for the heart rate so we are wondering if the wives' tales are true! I can't wait to hear your news!

Katie said...

Yes, that particular one regarding the heart rate was true with Amelia. It was fast, around 160s. So exciting!!

I vote a girl for you.

Whosyergurl said...

The old wives tale was right on for me...a girl the first time and a boy the second time. If that is what they are saying...I vote "girl!"
xo, Cheryl in IN

Carolina Mama said...

We're partial to boys here. :) Of girl I grew up 4 girls and a boy. So girls are great too.

The twins heart rates were in the 140s. You may be right. Love that you felt the baby kick!

I'm with the Arnolds - just healthy. We were surprised with the boys at birth.

Lori said...

I honestly can't remember the heart beat thing. I do remember, way back 23 years ago they suggested that I was having a boy because of my daughters size in the womb, same with my middle daughter and finally we got a sonogram 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my youngest. I had two 9 pounders and a 10 pounder :)

I hope you have a girl...obviously I am impartial :)

Darlene said...

hmmmmmm. I guess girl, but really, I gotta see if your butt is getting bigger. hehe.


Diane said...

Wives tale proved true for me. I was SURE it was a boy... but fast heart beat - it was a 9 lb 11 oz girl! Best wishes for a smooth and easy pregnancy.