Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lunch with a Real Life Friend

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to have lunch with Jennifer from Smelling Coffee. Several weeks ago we realized that we lived closer than we thought. One of us lives on the east side of the city, the other lives on the north side, so we met in between at Noshville Deli in downtown Nashville. It's such an interesting moment when you have a blog friend who turns into a real life friend. We fell right into conversation talking about how we met our husbands and raising children to when we came to know the Lord. It was as if we were long time friends who were catching up.

Jennifer is the real deal. What you read on her blog (go and visit!!!!) and who she is in real life is the same thing and it was so refreshing. She is a step ahead of me in the seasons of life with her marriage and children and I feel like I can learn so much from her!

She brought Anna Claire The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop, and tile coasters for me! Anna Claire woke up just in time to get her picture taken.

Jennifer is beautiful, encouraging, funny, loving and warm and I can't wait to have lunch with her again soon!


Sandy Toes said...

How wonderful!!! Your daughter is just so sweet..I love her outfit!!!

So glad you had fun with Smelling Coffee..she is an amazing women with purpose!
sandy toe

Smelling Coffee said...

Wow - what kind things you said! I repeat back every one of those about you! :-)

It was a true privilege and gift to get to meet you face to face and heart to heart. I'm looking forward to another "real" visit soon - and to getting my hands on that baby again! :-)

Enjoy this wonderful weather, today! ;-)

Joanna said...

That's great! I wished that I lived close enough to a bloggey friend.

Eulene said...

Sarah, you and Jennifer were right next to my office at lunch. I wish I could have popped in to see everyone.

Shannon said...

How fun! That is so neat to be able to meet some bloggy friends that turn into real life friends.

Carolina Mama said...

Just beautiful you three! Love it! I am so glad you all could visit! Let's plan a state-to-state meet up NC TN! :)

coco said...

Sounds like you both had a great time...blogging really makes the world a much smaller place!