Thursday, February 4, 2010

We are OPEN!

When I stated my goals for 2010 I didn't realize that it would take to me to this place...ETSY! Our shop is open for business.

Christy and I decided to do it together knowing that what one does, the other isn't far you can tell from our blogs :) Right now we only have one item up, but as we see what the response is, there will be more to come. We are both very excited and can't wait to hear and see what people think of our new shop.

We are taking custom orders (specific color schemes, announcements, etc.) so if you do have a question about something, please ask!


Donna said...

Congratulations on your new etsy shop! I hope it goes really well for you and your sister.
Your new blog look is fabulous! So very beautiful!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

You go girls!!! Yippee for you!

Best Wishes.... :-)

Hopefull said...

Excellent - You girls both have a such a simple, sweet style that I am bound to be a customer!

Davene said...

How wonderful! You and Christy are both so talented and creative. I love the peace and beauty that flows through your blogs and your new etsy shop.

Kristen said...

So excited for the two of you!
Congratulations and God's richest blessings!

Karen said...

Congratualtions. Your blog look is so beautiful (like you and your sweet spirit!).

Laryssa Herbert said...

Wanted to thank you for saying hello at my blog. We are all just women behind our computers. ;-) We are all precious to our Father, I'm just like you.

Congrats on the new shop!