Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daddy, I want a pony.

This past year my sister has been reunited with one of her first loves, horses. On our recent trip to celebrate Christy's birthday, we were able to meet Elvis, the horse she rides. 

Elvis is a retired Thoroughbred race horse and despite his racing background, he is extremely gentle and seemed to want nothing more than to be loved on. That included Anna Claire.

I was nervous that she would be nervous about not only being around such a big animal, but actually being on top of him.

Once again, my little girl amazed me with how fearless she is. She laughed and smiled the entire time and kept asking for one more time around. It was when she had to get off that she upset.

It is an amazing moment when you see your child experience something for the first time, something they find pure joy in. I will never forget this look on her face as she rode Elvis.


Cat said...

for some reason, this post gave me chill bumps. it's quite nerve racking to me to ride a horse! she is so brave! I think my kids would have cried. she is precious. I love the last pic of her. :)

Anonymous said...

She is such an angel!!! So very precious, and that little look on her sweet face!!! Fearless.

God Bless,
Amber Summerrow