Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Christmas budget just got a little bit bigger

Prior to getting married, I debated every year on whether to send out Christmas cards. It seemed so difficult finding the perfect card that said what I wanted it to say, had the right colors and wasn't over sized to the point that I would have to pay double postage. And every year I would receive a handful of Christmas photo cards from friends and family and I always thought, "when I get married and have children, that is the kind of card I am going to send out."

Mike and I were married on December 22nd--wouldn't this have been a fun card to send out?

I started using Shutterfly several years ago to save all of the pictures we have taken of Anna Claire. Although we have an external hard drive, my OCD tendencies lead me to save the pictures in several know...just in case. I've bought my Christmas cards through them the past 2 years and am in the process of putting together our 2010 card. In fact, my favorite card of all time is the one we sent out in 2008 to announce that Anna Claire was a girl. I don't have the picture saved anymore (boo-hoo), but Mike and I were holding a card that said, "It's a Girl!"

When I heard that Shutterfly was giving away 50 FREE CHRISTMAS PHOTO CARDS to bloggers, well...need I say more. All you have to do is share about the offer and you've got yourself 50 free cards! Just click on this link to register: They have tons of layouts for Christmas cards ( and for other gifts like desk calendars( In fact, my sister gave our parents calendars last year for Christmas and they loved them.

Everything they have is at a great price--plus, everyone loves to receive gifts that include pictures!


Bina said...

I did this and was SO happy with the result...amazing cards, beautifully printed!! Enjoy making one...

Amy said...

SWEET! wow, thanks for the heads-up!!