Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Anna Claire!

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet girl! It is hard to believe that 2 years has gone by. It feels like only yesterday that I was holding you in the NICU praying and wondering when we would be able to bring you home. 

You have taught us so much--more than we ever thought we would learn from a little person. There isn't a night that doesn't go by that we don't sit in bed and talk about how much we love you and what you did that day to make us laugh.

Within the past year, your personality has come out...strong! You are an independent little girl who likes to read, sing and play outside. You have learned your alphabet, your numbers, various songs, animals and their sounds and so many other things this past year. You are so good at picking up your toys and are sure to put them back exactly where they belong. You love to tell stories and you have a memory that is like a steel trap.

"Lovey," Elmo, Big Bird, Raggedy Ann, "Nellie," and Olivia (the pig), are your favorite companions and I often times find you telling them stories, or showing them something new. Just yesterday I heard you telling Big Bird about the snow in the backyard.

You bring nothing but joy into our lives and to those who love you. This year will be a big year in your life as you welcome a baby sister. I know you will be wonderful with her and I can't wait to see the relationship develop over the years. I can only hope that your relationship with her will be like the one I have with Sissy--there is nothing better than having your sister as your best friend.

We pray, that as this next year of your life approaches and as you are exposed to many and new different things, that you would begin to see and understand Jesus more. You have a tender heart towards praying for those that love you and that need prayer. My hope is that it would only grow as you mature. I pray, that as your parents, we would do our best to be an example of Christ's love in your life--extending grace, mercy and love.

Happy Birthday Anna Claire!
Mommy and Daddy


Cat said...

this is so sweet! she is so tiny and precious! thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday, Anna Claire!

You, little girl are a blessing and bring so much joy to us!
May today be filled with your favorite things as you celebrate being 2!!!!
We love you!!!

Uncle Steve, Sissy, Ya Ya, Sam and Ben

The Writer Chic said...

Whenever I think of Anna Claire's birth day, I wonder if she just got too impatient and wanted to come out and meet us all.

After spending a morning in utero, listening to you chase Seth around Dr. Morgan's office, she just thought...."I gotta get outta here, my momma just seems too cool and too sweet. I wanna meet her!"

Happy birthday, Anna Claire, and congratulations to you, Sarah, and Mike, on another wonderful year of raising your daughter.

Campbell said...
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Smelling Coffee said...

Happy birthday to that precious little girl! I can't believe a year has already gone by - and that two have flown, is amazing! Blessings to all of you, especially on this day~


Twice as Nice said...

Happy Birthday! She is just SWEETNESS!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Happy birthday Anna Claire!

Lynette said...

Just found your blog, its great, my daughter turned two on the 10th too! =)

LeAnna said...

My son just turned 2 in January, it goes by so darn fast. She was such a tiny little thing!