Monday, May 16, 2011

Counting #111-125

111. safety in the midst of storms
112. begonias and vincas growing in my window boxes
113. a relaxing Mother's Day
114. Mike being with me when our car broke down
115. having an extra car to use when the above mentioned car broke down

116. a night out with friends
117. making it to 34 weeks in this pregnancy!
118. warm weather which allowed us to be outside and swim

119. school year winding down
120. Mike being with me at our recent ultrasound and spending the day together

121. Anna Claire being mesmerized by the babies in the hospital nursery
122. lots of "stuff" to sell in our garage sale
123. having peace in the midst of chaos
124. baby girl's hiccups
125. relief from wrist pain

1 comment:

Beck Gambill said...

Praise God for #117! Your little Anna Clair is such a doll baby, love the wispy, blonde hair. I so enjoy visiting your blog is beautiful and refreshing.