Monday, June 20, 2011

Counting #136-150

136. rose bushes, a reminder of my grandmother
137. an encouraging and selfless husband
138. a visit from my mom
139. double strollers
140. late afternoon rainstorms

141. Mylicon drops for babies
142. a new phone that takes pictures
143. motivation to live a healthy lifestyle
144. Anna Claire singing along in the car to her worship CD's
145. a church family who provided meals for us for 2 weeks

146. Father's Day gifts and cards with scribbles instead of signatures
147. a day set aside to honor men and the role they play in their children's lives
148. books for all ages at McKay's
149. babies and toddlers who like to snuggle
150. my marriage


thejoyproject40 said...

oh your list is too sweet. my baby days have passed but i know the double stroller and mylicon drops would have definitely made my list. love the memories of grandmother in rosebushes and a day to honor the men we call dads.

Anonymous said...
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