Friday, September 30, 2011

I'm a Mom now

Well, I have been for a few years, but this past weekend I really felt like one. So much so, that I decided to take a few days off from being one, so that I could learn how to be a better one.  I headed to Birmingham with a dear, dear friend of mine to attend the .MOM event. What an amazing experience it was! Anna Claire kept asking me where I was going and I would tell her that I was going to learn how to become a better Mommy. :)

Between the main speakers (Angela Thomas, Angie Smith, Vicki Courtney and Priscilla Shirer), the worship (Michelle Green) and all of the breakout sessions (which were worth the price of admission themselves), I came away with so many different things: insight into a young girl's mind, encouragement from other mothers in the same stage of life as me, areas that I need to work on, both for myself and for my family and tons of ideas on how to be the best mom I can be to my girls. They already have the event scheduled for next year so if you want to join in on the fun, I promise it is well worth it! I told Mike that even if they had charged double what they did, I would have paid it because you get your money's worth.

On a side note, I can't speak highly enough of David Thomas, Sissy Goff and Melissa Trevathan from Daystar Ministries here in Nashville. I know David and Sissy from meetings at my previous job before becoming a mommy and let me tell you, they are the real deal; helping children and parents in all areas of life. If you have youngins', kiddos, teenagers...all of the above, I highly recommend their books for parents of boys and girls. I sat in on the Raising Girls session at the conference and couldn't write fast enough. Oh, and the exciting thing is that they are going to be some of the main speakers next year at the conference! 

After a full weekend I was ready to come home to these sweet faces!


Smelling Coffee said...

Beautiful little girls! So glad the .MOM was such a blessing and success.

Love to you all~

Every Day Blessings said...

So glad that you were able to attend such a fun and informative event. I remember when my girls were so young, I was so excited to go and even more excited to come home.

Frankie said...

So glad you got to enjoy the .MOM conference. You are a wonderful, loving Christian mom and I'm glad to call you my daughter-in-law. So enjoyed baby-sitting the girls this weekend.