Thursday, September 25, 2008

My husband the school bus driver

A little known fact about my husband, he drives a school bus. Let me clarify--it's not his regular job. The school where he teaches doesn't have a bus system so the students rely on each other and parents to get them from here to there. When it comes to sports, extra-curricular activities and clubs though, there is one big yellow bus that the school uses. Because Mike is the only teacher at his school with his CDL license, he is the lucky one that gets to drive it.

This weekend, the Environmental Club is taking a trip to the Smokies. Now, not only does Mike get to drive, but this is truly a bonus for him. He NEVER passes up a chance to be in the mountains. Thankfully we are only 3 hours from the mountains. Camping and backpacking are his passions. We have container after container filled with camping supplies and gadgets and I have more Nalgene bottles than I care to count. Although it means 3 or 4 days without a shower, I have come to really enjoy the camping trips we take. I only go in the spring and fall though. Summer means bugs and bears, winter means cold and miserable. We compromise and go on spring break and fall break and then he goes by himself the other times.

This will be his third time going with club and he looks forward to it every year (he also gets a day off of school!). They spend time by the campfire, take hikes during the day, they do a study on salamanders and the past couple of years they had a professional story teller come in. This year there is going to be a bluegrass band and some of the students asked Mike to bring his guitar so he could play. He's going to have a blast!

He'll be gone all weekend but I am sending my love with him in the form of COOKIES!!!

Hopefully he will share with the kids!


Rae said...

Wow! That sounds like so much fun!! My favorite bus driver was an older man. He was so sweet!

I hope Mike enjoys his trip this weekend and shares maybe a few cookies! :)

Is it bad that I do not even know what a Nalgene bottle is?

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

YUMMY! Those cookies are exactly what I am craving today...too bad I can't pop over and sneak a few out of Mike's bag. Girl, I hear you on the camping gear. How many Nalgene bottles does one person need? We have tubs and tubs of camping stuff...I couldn't even use half of it, so I guess it's good that my husband knows what to do!

Shannon said...

How fun!! It sounds like this is going to be awesome for him!

Your cookies look great! What receipe is that?

Carolina Mama said...

That looks like too fun and the cookies and all. ;) I enjoy camping some but I hear you on the 'passion' for it, etc.

Can you just post your recipe for the cookies! Not that this is about cookies or anything. They just look so pretty. Maybe your altitude in the mountain range area is better. :)

Kristen said...

Oh how much fun! Hope Mike has a great time! Nothing like being in the mountains! Those cookies look awesome!

I think I might be one of those gals who can rival your Nalgene collection!!! ;) Boy do they take up a lot of cabinet space!

Cindy said...

My husband was a SBD for 14 years in the Sierra Mountains of CA. He loved going on extra curricular trips because (like your hubby) he didn't just drive, he also got to enjoy whatever they were doing. One trip was a 10 day-er along the CA coast.
San Fran, San Jose Marriots, Disneyland, San Diego, Ball Games and fun, fun, fun with the senior class!

I hope your hubby enjoys the trip and you enjoy the weekend.
Blessings, Cindy

Anonymous said...

i miss your cookies :(

i want to come visit soon!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Sounds like a fun way to spend the weekend. The mountains are so beautiful this time of year, and I bet they will enjoy those cookies. Hope you had a blessed weekend. Jackie

Katie said...

Sounds like so much fun! I have NEVER been camping, and I would LOVE to go one day! I have always wanted to sleep in a tent...or better yet...just under the stars. Those cookies look delish...full of love! ;o)