Monday, April 6, 2009

She's Gonna Be A Smart One!

After reading about baby stimulation, I have been on the lookout for infant development toys, like these, for a few weeks, but the only place I can find them is online (

I don't really want to spend $40 for baby toys so in the meantime, my mom found this website ( where you can download black and white images for free.

Can I just tell you how much Anna Claire likes to look at these?

They capture her attention immediately. We have 16 images in all and we rotate through them. Researchers have found that newborns respond best to contrasting colors and that visual stimulation produces developmental advantages including enhanced curiosity, attentiveness and concentration.

Mike has always said she was going to be advanced.
She'll be guest posting for me tomorrow on "What It's Like To Be an 8-Week Old Genius."


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Absolutely adorable. She looks like a genius already!

My sweet little grandson came home from NICU on Friday and he is just fabulous! I better get him started on learning too so he can keep up with Anna Claire. SHe is a real beauty. Just like her mama.


Smelling Coffee said...

We used those black and white cards and toys with our children, too. We even posted a black/white pages on the back of our front seats so they would have something "meaningful" to look at as we were driving around. What fun memories your post brought to mind.

Time flies - and I'm praying that you'll enjoy every minute of it with your darling genius! :-)

Joanna said...

The red, black and white bring back so many memories...Kayla was born in 99 when this was out and wildly popular. Her bouncy seat was these very same colors with the little toy bar that held things like this..At that time they also had bedding and lot's and lot's of toys with these colors and patterns.

Scrapper Mom said...

How interesting. I'll tell ya or not, she's just the cutest thing in the world.

frillsfluffandtrucks said...

So cute! I wish I had thought to look for something like that when my 3 year old was a baby. Both my babies LOVED the black/white/red Gymini (baby jungle gym thingie) though.

~ Sarah

Shannon said...

What a great idea!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love that. Henry loves to stare at our blinds because they are those horizontal shutter-type things. It is definitely the lines and the contrast. I should copy you and print some of those pages out so that he has some variety in his staring! :) Anna Claire is destined to be the smartest baby in the world!

Anonymous said...

hilarious. One L

The Graves' House said...

i need to share your post with my sister. you can never start too early huh?

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Have a blessed weekend!
It's Friday but Sunday's comin'!

Amber B. said...

That is so funny! She looks so serious as she looks at that picture. She's brillant! :-)

Katie said...

That's so neat and interesting! I am loving that look on her face as she is staring at the images! Hahaha! That's a look of some serious concentration. ;o) In one of my "pregnancy-indued-can't-sleep-at-4am" moments, I was watching that infomercial about that "My Baby Can Read" program where people are teaching their 18+month olds to read. I was actually considering it because the infomercial was so impressive!! Amelia has the most fun and gets the most use out of her toys that are (shhh!) "educational" because all of that stuff is so new to her, you know? I don't ever want to be pushy, but, hey, as long as she is enjoying it, right? :o)