Monday, July 18, 2011

Counting #151-165

151. watching Tinkerbell with Anna Claire
152. sipping margaritas with a dear friend
153. 31 Ways to Pray for your Children
154. a big move for my sister and her family
155. new asics

156. the first limelights of the season blooming
157. baby fingers wrapped around my pinky finger
158. 3 am feedings in the rocking chair
159. a safe flight for my niece who is attending school in Australia
160. walks with my sister

161. wisdom and advice about marriage, relationships and parenting from my sister
162. the numbers on the scale going down
163. love and laughter between aunts and cousins
164. Build-A-Bear workshop
165. Mike's ipod

1 comment:

Beck Gambill said...

Lots of sweetness wrapped up in that week! I'm glad to hear of wonderful time spent with family, I love those opportunities. I saw Becky (Turnblom) Strite last Monday and thought of you!