Monday, February 9, 2009

Another "P" Word

Pre-term labor. That's all I have to say.

Well, not really.

We spent the morning in the hospital after I woke up having some contractions. Our little girl is fine, but evidently she is attempting to make an early entrance. The doctor sent me home to be on bed rest until Wednesday when I can go in and see her. In the mean time, they put me on Terbutaline, which makes me feel like I just drank a 6-pack of Red Bull and gets my heart racing.

At this time, there doesn't seem to be cause for any concern, other than she needs to stay in there for a few more weeks. I'm not quite sure she is going to wait until March 31st!!!!

Another "P" word is party! Mike's side of the family threw us a baby shower this past weekend.

Aunt Susie made this cute corsage with baby socks! Mike got to wear a boutonniere too!

He was able to get some practice in with his new cousin, Colten, who is only 3 weeks old. Too cute!

His family blessed us so much with many things that we still needed. Now, all I need is the go ahead from the doctor to get her room organized with all of her new things!


Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Sarah! Take it easy!!! PLEASE let me know if I can do anything -- bring you lunch or dinner, gather any last minute things for the baby. Seriously, this week is wide open. I'll be praying for you, friend!

MeganSloan said...

She does seem to want to make an early entrance if she's due March 31st! Let's hope this was just a test for you and that she calms down for the next 6 weeks or so. Good luck!

Kristen said...

Oh Sarah... if you only knew how worried I have been about you. I was just about ready to email your sis today. Since you hadn't posted in a while I thought "well maybe that little girl decided to make an early grand entrance"
Keep us posted and I will be praying!

~ K

PS: What gorgeous pics from the shower

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how excited you guys are to meet your little girl but she does need a little more time to grow before making her big entrance!
Have a great day

Sandy Toes said...

I was on COMPLETE BED REST>>>>for TWO MONTHS>>>UGH!! Lots of magazines...lots of books...lots of TV...then more magazines..eVen auto magazines!
-sandy toe
You CAN BLOG till your heart is content now:)!

coco said...

Try to enjoy this time of rest...she needs it and so do you!:) Keep us posted, we will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, take good care of yourself and get lots of rest. There aren't many times in a woman's life where we SHOULD and MUST lay in bed and REST.... so do just that, and enjoy it. Time will come soon enough when that will not be an option. :) Beautiful shower pictures! Looks like so much fun. Congratulations!!!

Smelling Coffee said...

Glad you're OK - and will be praying for you and baby girl - and for God's timing on her arrival.

The shower decor and corsage was darling.

And, try to enjoy these days of forced rest - you'll long for them in a few months. :-)

Nana2six said...

Sarah - just kick up your feet and sit back and relax. We are praying that baby girl will stay put for a few more weeks so she can grow just a little more!

I bet the shower was fun! We had one for my daughter this weekend too and it was so much fun! I love babies.

Praying for you - Beth

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

On my knees.............

Carolina Mama said...

You sound good all things considered. And am glad Baby Girl is nesting away still. Praying for you all. Your shower looked so fun and festive. Hugs.

Shannon said...

Maybe a week of rest will do the trick! The party was so cute! Loved the corsage!!

The Whites said...

Praying that your little sweetie decides she likes it too much in mommy's warm, safe tummy to venture out just yet!


Every Day Blessings said...

Sarah, REST!!!!
Your body is telling you something.
Enjoy this time, cherish the moments, lay on the couch , eat bon bons :) We will all be praying for you.
The shower looked fun and the corsage was a great idea.
Many Blessings!