Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo (with Lynn Vincent)

This sweet story is told by Todd Burpo, Colten's father. After a series of medical issues, including an emergency apendectomy, at 3 years old, Colten begins sharing stories of heaven. Stories that include events that happened before Colten was even born. Over the course of the following years, without pressure from his parents to share, Colten begins revealing more and more about his time in heaven; about meeting his great-grandfather (who passed away before he was born) and about meeting his sister (a baby his mother miscarried before Colten was born).

Descriptive details about heaven, the people who are there, the things that happen, even a glimpse into the constant battle against Satan, make this an interesting, enjoyable and thought-provoking book. I think it would be easy for someone to be skeptical about this book, but I found the story of Colten's experiences to bring hope and comfort to those of us who long for heaven, or even for those who just wonder, "what is it going to be like?" One thing I appreciated was that Todd Burpo is very careful to provide scripture as a point of reference for the stories Colten shares.

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Donna said...

Wow~what an amazing book to read!

karen#18 said...

Could not put this book down!! Isn't it just like God to reveal himself and eternity through the eyes of a child!! This is an awesome testimony to the power of prayer. When you finish this book - you will know the truth - just how much God loves us. Oh the depth of his mercy and grace!!
This book will change the way you look at eternity. It will forever stay with you!!

Anonymous said...

I read this book (testimony) and could not put it down! What a blessing this young child's testimony has been to me and others I've shared the book with. Thank you to the Burpo family, Colton, and most importantly Jesus Christ who allowed Colten to come back and share the GOOD NEWS of what awaits us!!! God Bless!

CAV said...

I heard about the book on the Today Show. What a blessing. What a renewal of faith. How could a preschool child decribe Heaven that is backed by scripture unless he was there. I am so thankful that The Burpos shared this experience. Also, the way that Todd describes everything even his doubt and anger with God for all they experience even before the near loss of Colton. He was so honest how could anyone doubt? Thanks so much for this. May God put a hedge of protection around your family and may He continue to pour showers of blessings on you. Amen

Carmen said...

I really happened upon this book by an accident in the christian book store. Just the description on the back had me hooked. Had to get it. Brought it home...and didnt put it down until I finished it. Well written and delightful imagery. (you can just see what the words on the page says).
But most importantly It just goes to show you , that God loves us enough and values us enough to let a child see heaven, and come back and tell us all about it. I truly belive the verse in the bible that says God no longer sees us as servants, but as friends.
Apparently his little child friend colten was given a devine appointment..and came back to share god's love and just the tip of the iceberg of whats in store for those of us that reach heaven.
Can you imagine all the things he saw, and had no explination for because he saw it in a child's mind..perhaps thats just dissapointing to some. But to me..I'd much rather hear what heaven is like from colten..than just about anyone I can think or dream of. Thank you burpo family for sharing will touch many many lives.

Anonymous said...

I heard about this book briefly a couple Sundays ago, when our Sunday School teacher, who led our class in a discussion of heaven, mentioned that there was a book about it on the New York Times Best Seller List, and on impulse, I bought it today and read it straight through. Two weeks ago today, our beloved little Sheltie of ten years died, and I have been extremely sad about it. I wondered, as many of my friends have about their pets, if I would ever see my faithful companion again in heaven. I have never doubted that I would see my father, friends or relatives,but have felt extra sadness at the loss of this pet, even though I am fully aware that others suffer through extreme pain at the loss of a child, parent or dear friend. I feel as if finding out about this book wasn't merely a co-incidence-it has given me a measure of peace and extra excitement about my own trip to heaven one day, just knowing I will again see the beautiful animals God also created.

Anonymous said...

the book is amazing!!!! my mom showed me this book at a book store. couldnt put it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!