Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tea anyone?

I've been contemplating the simple life recently. Sounds profound right? Not really. Just trying to get my perspective focused on what is really important. This little girl helps me a lot!

She enjoys her tea time. Interestingly enough, she only invites her Daddy to the party. Seriously.

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather the past couple of weeks. Gone are the days of 90% humidity and temperatures reaching even higher. Anna Claire is the happiest when she is outside and she is at the age now where she can run, have fun and explore.

She loves nothing more than to see an airplane in the sky. "Mommy, Mommy? Airpane...airpane...airpane!"

She loves playing with all of the different balls we have around the house. It's an answer to her Daddy's prayers I'm sure. She would much rather be outside with the balls than inside with her dolls.

She has recently starting showing an interest in numbers and the alphabet. I saw this tutorial here several months ago and knew that when the time came I wanted to make them for Anna Claire.

Some of the letters have fabric that corresponds with the letter (B has butterflies, the R is red, the T has toys on it, etc.).

They are soft and quilted so I'm not concerned about what will happen to them. If they get dirty, just throw them in the washer. It's something fun and different that Anna Claire can do on her own and with our help.

Random thoughts coming tomorrow!

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Frankie said...

Very nice. Can't wait to see yall tomorrow.