Monday, March 21, 2011

Counting #46-60

It has been an incredibly busy and beautiful week--spring break, a welcomed visit from my parents and gorgeous spring weather that has allowed us to be outside every day. So much to be thankful for, so much to take it, so much to NOT take for granted.

46. McKay's Used Book Store
47. the weatherman saying it's going to be in the 70's all week
48. hope in the midst of suffering
49. stories of family members finding each other after the earthquake and tsunami
50. a new swing set for Anna Claire

51. tutus
52. the cherry tree we planted in memory of our twin daughters--it has the most beautiful pink blooms!
53. NO sciatic nerve pain this past week!
54. Springy Shells recipe from Tasty Kitchen
55. clean sheets

56. Puffs plus tissues
57. Easter baskets at the store
58. Anna Claire's friend, Abigail, turning 2 this week.
59. MLB network--this isn't just for my hubby--it's one sport we both enjoy watching.
60. Hearing Anna Claire sing "Jesus Loves Me"

61. talking about babies with good friends
62. handmade quilts
63. blooming Bradford pear trees
64. the opportunity to bless a new family with a gift
65. my husband and the goals he sets for our family, both short and long term


Cat said...

I like the Jesus loves me the best. :) So sweet. hope you have a great week! xo, cat

Frankie said...

I've truly enjoyed your "things to be Thankful for" series. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

You favorite M-I-L