Monday, March 14, 2011

Counting #21-45

21. coffee out of a 50 cent white stoneware mug found at Goodwill
22. a little girl thinking her Daddy can fix anything, even a shattered mirror
23. a trustworthy pediatrician who we can talk theology and education with
24. that same pediatrician saying, "it's nothing to worry about, I'm not concerned"
25. seeing someone I love walk in obedience and rejoicing with her when she experiences joy because of it

26. baby girl clothes
27. the Hokey Pokey
28. a forgiving husband who wipes away my tears
29. Grandparents coming for a visit
30. gray cardigans

31. a drawer full of polished silverware.
32. being able to stay at home with my children
33. finding a double stroller at a great price
34. friends who are in the same stage of parenting as we are
35. someone tellling me, "it's going to be an adventure" when I say we have a 2 year old and one on the way

36. Pizza night, courtesy of my parents
37. sunglasses on and the windows rolled down on the car
38. a picnic at the park for Anna Claire with Papa and Didi
39. lessons in forgiveness and letting things go
40. handmade quilts


The Writer Chic said...

Sarah, the double stroller has CHANGED my life. Wish I'd had it from Day One. So glad you got one at a good price.

Melissa said...

I love handmade quilts too. I always enjoy your posts Sarah. You are a jewel.

Mama Bird said...

#22 is so sweet! And we had our windows open in our van the other day too...spring is on its way! :)

(Here from Ann's blog today...)

Patty@sewingseeds said...

What a beautiful list. Enjoy your little ones, it all goes by so quickly. I know when I was in the midst of it...I'd think I can't wait till they...they do soon enough and then you find yourself saying, "I remember when".

Cat said...

I love this. my fave is the hokey pokey. :) Hope you have a great week! xo, cat

Anonymous said...

Oh..oh...a double stroller! Praise the Lord for changed minds! - Addie