Monday, March 7, 2011

1000 Gifts

After being challenged, encouraged and gently nudged, I've started reading and counting.

Counting the gifts I don't normally see. Counting the moments that can take my breath away if I'm not careful. I was in tune to some of those moments before; I think it comes when you have lost, loved and the Lord has redeemed areas in your life.

But the day to day? The washing machine making a funny noise and you still have 3 more loads to do. The can opener that won't work and you need to open some black beans. And the 2 year old....who is not by nature a snuggler but then all of a sudden you feel her arms around your legs while you are trying to fix dinner. I have to sit down for those. Dinner can wait.

"Life is not an emergency," so says Ann Voskamp. Wow, did I need to hear that (despite the fact that my husband has been telling me that for 4 years in so many words).

Breathe. Deeply. Calm. Look. Listen...and feel. The counting has begun.

1. the quietness of the house in the afternoon
2. extra lasagna noodles in the cabinet to improvise with when the manicotti shells got broken
3. softball season
4. consignment sales
5. approaching storms

6. the almost constant kicking of the baby girl in my belly
7. "If You Give A Pig a Party." Read by Mike on a late night to Anna Claire
8. Mike getting out his tools to fix a Dollar Store necklace for Anna Claire
9. the smell of fresh paint in the baby's room
10.Christy Knockels' Life Light Up CD

11. time in the car alone
12. the scribbles I found on the cover of one of my journals
13. a husband who likes to spend his extra money on woodworking tools
14. resting in His protection rather than my fear
15. learning that thanksgiving always precedes the miracle

16. strawberries
17. income tax returns
18. His sweet voice on Sunday morning telling me to slow down
19. making it to 24 weeks in this pregnancy with no complications
20. late night and early morning conversations about sin and grace


Martha said...

I am thankful for the lists that are beginning to pop up everywhere and a woman who took a dare to encourage the rest of us to be thankful for the everyday moments in life.

Christy said...

beautiful, Sarah... just beautiful.

Cat said...

I love this. i've wanted to do this for so long. maybe i should.....
and no, no baby news yet. i would love to have another baby asap. but, we better wait until JT is employed. :)

Craig said...

I clicked over from Anne’s link today.

Her words are amazing aren’t they “Life is not an emergency” – I’m with you when yu say “Breathe. Deeply. Calm. Look. Listen...and feel.” It is nice to be on the journey with so many – and you. Welcome to the counting:)

My favorite from the list was 19. making it to 24 weeks in this pregnancy with no complications (I don’t know the story – this is the first time I’ve read you – but I do know I just prayed for you and the baby – thank you for that)

I hearted all of this – so good – made me smile.

Thank you

God bless

Cindy said...

Congratulations on starting the "official" count...I have only recently begun, and I know that there are moments from before that are treasured in my heart, and they find their way into my "official, black and white" list from time to time! I enjoyed reading through yours! Yes, a husband in love with wood-working tools is a blessing, and congratulations on your new one coming soon! I personally have committed to comment to the left and to the right of where ever I land in the multitudes - I am glad to "meet" you!


Josh and Kelly said...

Such a great start to your list- He's really going to knock your socks off- this journey is incredible! I've been at it since 2009... and He has been so so good. Glad to find you here

Marianne said...

My favorite is #14. After my daugther was diagnozed with immune deficiency I started to worry so much I didn't want to go out at all. Now I leave it to him and let him protect my baby girl. He will provide for those who ask.

Beth said...

Jumped over from Ann's and I too love # 11 .... time alone in the car. I often use this time for prayer. To pray unceasingly we must pray with our eyes open.

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I don't know why, but it was the "scribbles on the cover of the journal" that hit me! I think of a little one, dreaming of the day when little hands could write down thoughts and thank-you's! I, too, have learned that life is not an emergency! I've missed so much in my ambulance ride through life. I loved your statement about some of those times being redeemed. Isn't it wonderful when the Lord gives us back the years the locust have eaten????? Walking is so much more beautiful than the fast ride! I wish I had learned that when I was as young as you!

Kay K said...

thanks for sharing your thankfulness is beautiful !!!