Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The sound of progress

Mike is working away. As we speak he is hammering nails into hardwood floors. His comment to me was, "wouldn't it be cool to say that I hand nailed the entire floor?" I just looked at him, knowing that there is a tool called THE NAIL GUN! He believes in true sweat equity. Either way, we are making this house our home. A place we will hopefully live in for the rest of our lives. When we were looking for a house we knew we could do one of two things. 1) buy a house, do some work on it and then flip it, or 2) buy a house we both loved with the intention of putting some hard work into it and hopefully living in it long enough to see our grandchildren come and visit. We chose the latter.

I was a little nervous moving out to the country (when I think country I think farmland. Technically we don't live on a farm, but we do live in a small neighborhood with huge lots and our house backs up to a farm, so in my mind, we are smack dab in the middle of the country). It's great to walk out into your backyard and see this....

Blackberries...I've already made 2 cobblers with my sister's recipe. YUMMO!

Apples...I haven't had the courage to bite into one yet

Pears...Mike bit into one and he looked like he bit into a lemon. I'm guessing they aren't ready yet.

Grapes...coming soon...Pleasant View Vineyards!

And oh...what is this???

Baby mockingbirds nestled in the grapevine!!!!

Over the course of the past couple of years I have become a nature lover so having this all around me has been so great. I am thankful today for the birds singing, the sun shining and life growing and blossoming right in my backyard. What are you thankful for?


Christy said...

I am thankful for my my best friend who also happens to be my sister. I'm also thankful for my husband who loves for who I am and my children who have taught me more about myself than I could ever learn on my own.

Other reasons to be thankful...
chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate

Katie said...

I am thankful for family...far and away one of my biggest and best blessings! I'm also thankful for all the friends I've met through blogging!

I love the idea of a legacy home! When we bought our first house, we had the same intentions. There has been a lot of things we want to change, but ultimately it is the house we want to see grandchildren in. I want to raise my children in it and when they come "home", they can recall memories of the very rooms they will be in and see their growth charts in the closets.

Your backyard "orchard" sounds perfect! Have a great day, Sarah!

Nicol said...

Lucky! My dream is to live in the country. I want a little bit of land and a place that I can settle down at. We are looking into moving again, but not out to the country yet. Have to go where the jobs are.